Now that you are retired, what are you doing?

People ask me what I am doing now that I am retired. After working 33 years in the field of Special Education as a Teacher, Program Specialist, and a Resource Itinerant I started my own Tutoring and Assessment Company in Southern California. Moving to Arizona in 2006 to help care for family made for an interesting life. I was on a plane every week running my business, building it and working it. I loved what I was doing, but taking care of my parents became more and more difficult.

When my mother passed away in 2008 I decided that I no longer was willing to make the commute each week. As I completed the task of closing my parents home and getting it sold, I made the decision to take time to decide what I really wanted to do when I “grew up”.

As I was writing my Thank You cards to my mother’s friends, I discovered SendOutCards. Goodness, did they save me time and energy! I didn’t even have to leave the house to get the cards or stamps and I didn’t have to stand in line to mail them. Nope, I sat at my computer, chose the cards I wanted, wrote them, clicked send and sat back to relax.  envelope with card

Then the phone began to ring. Mom’s friends, thanking me for the beautiful card, the reconnection with me after so many years.  The happiness of receiving a card in the mail was what made me feel so good. Hearing many of her friends say they had not received a card in so long and how special it made them feel just made my heart swell. I didn’t have my mom anymore, but I had her friends that loved her and loved getting beautiful heartfelt cards.

It was then that I discovered that I was a Master Card Sender. I get a great deal of pleasure from sending cards to people and letting them know that someone really cares about them.

So when people ask me what I am doing now that I am retired, I tell them, I send cards and I teach others to send cards. That’s what I do and along the way, I make many people smile.



  1. You do make people smile! I just received one of your cards and it was such a delight! They are such a small token with a BIG impact!

  2. Gayle — My daughter, Jill, informed me of your blog. I must admit I don’t know anything about these bloggy things, so this might not work. As I’m sure Jill told you, I have been a newsman most of my life and recently published my first book — I say “first” because I’m already working on two more. Let’s see if this thing gets to you. . . bob waldrop

    • Bravo, Bob, we are both learning! I attempted to post on your blog yesterday and it didn’t work. YOU had success today. Jill is a great woman and I have enjoyed getting to know her in my BNI group. Her humor keeps me laughing all the time.

      I have not finished your book but have really enjoyed what I have read, the footnotes mostly, they are wonderful.

      Congratulations on your book and the fact you are now working on two others is quite impressive. I will aspire to do the same once I pick up my waiting stories…

      Thank you for posting on my blog and I will do the same for you.

      Happy New Year and it is great meeting you!


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