About Gayle Connell-Master Card Sender

Gayle-Master Card Sender

Gayle-Master Card Sender

Gayle Connell’s goal, as a distributor of Send Out Cards, is to make people happy. She realizes it is in giving that she receives. She does both by reaching out to clients, prospects, family and friends and showing them the ease of sending real paper greeting cards directly from their computer any time, day or night.

Gayle observes a sense of calm in people’s lives once they discover how easy it is to send a card from their computer. Businesses are able to use the Contact Manager to help track clients and referrals for better follow-up. They are able to prepare campaigns, schedule them to be sent in advance, and not have to worry about them again, thus allowing more time to focus on the work at hand. There is no longer the stress of shopping for the card, writing it, finding a stamp, and mailing it, using up their gas and valuable work time. It can all be done from their computer.

Whether they are professionals writing to clients, or individuals connecting with family and friends, people have learned the importance of the personal message, sent in their own handwriting and adding value to the relationship with the receiver of the heartfelt cards. Everyone appreciates seeing something other than a bill in the mailbox.

 Gayle spent years sending and receiving e-cards, those fast, easy and quickly to-be-deleted greetings. After the death of her mother and her 22 year-old cat a month later, real paper cards began arriving in the mail with very special messages. She then realized that the e-card could never compare to the feeling of holding the actual cards in her hands and experiencing the sincerity and kindness her friends expressed. She understood the impact that paper cards have and how they deliver strong feelings when held in your hands. There are times when receiving a card is like a healing balm.

 Today Gayle continues to act on her promptings—those feelings that arise and urge her to contact that person—and sends at least one real card from her computer every day.  She still wears that family crown – Cardzy Gayle.


  1. Gaylsie, congratulations and thanks for the b-day song, especially since your card must have gotten lost in the mail ;-}

  2. You really are a Master Card Sender – I see you sitting at the computer day or night sending cards to all kinds of folks.

    I, too, love SendOutCards and send cards almost daily – except I send them primarily to keep in touch with prospects and clients . I love being able to add a photo that is meaningful to the person receiving the card or a small gift to show appreciation for a referral or to apologize for a mistake.

    Thanks for a great introduction to you and your business. Congratulations!

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