Posted by: gayleconnell | March 17, 2011

Part 2: Never Take Anything for Granted

Sunset on arrival day in Kona

I have done a good deal of traveling in my life but as I look back on it, my longer trips have been on cruises and with other people. This is my first trip by myself in quite sometime and that right there makes a big difference! When I arrived here in Kona, HI, I knew the fruits would be good, no problem, salad makings, no problem, meats, fishs, no problem, so I head off to Costco, I had checked it out my last trip here and felt I would find everything I wanted or needed.

I decided that the 4-5 lbs. of ground round would be perfect for many meals, did I mention I am not a cook! The tempura shrimp would be something different, avocados, great, oh yes, don’t forget the bread! I am a bread addict so I happily picked up the 2 loaves of fresh baked Rosemary Olive Oil bread and the 2 bags of  cheese bagels . That ought to do for a little while…oh yes, the white corn tortillas for my tacos! Ummmm, about 60 of them. There are actually 100 in the bag! OMG!

Knowing Costco the way I do, I knew where to look for my Pinto beans, I  needed those for the chili beans I planned to make. I hunted all around for the Pinto beans, not even uncooked Pinto beans were to be found. What? No Pinto beans!?  Not only that, but no Chile Verde that I normally purchase in Costco in Arizona.  

That’s when it hit me that those were items that you will not find everywhere you travel. My cousin Pamela had told me to take my tortillas and jalapanos with me, but I just KNEW they would be in Kona! Luck for me all that I was missing were the beans and the chile verde. I left Costco and began to drive to the local market by the condo.

As I was leaving the Costco parking lot, I realized there are so many things that I always take for granted, not just in the foods I expected to find, but many other things in my life…I have so much to learn. Perhaps this is another reason I am here in Kona…learning more about me every day…



  1. Gayle, you make me want to retire! Granted, as beautiful as Hawaii is, my retirement destination would take me in the opposite direction… to France or Italy 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures on Kona. Much love, em

    • Hi Emmy,
      Retirement is wonderful, though I AM “working” on my SendOutCards business out here. Live that dream, decide on a date that you will go, even for 2 months like me and make it happen! You have always loved France and Italy so I know you will enjoy it so much. I have learned so much while being here, Emmy. People are amazing, my life has changed so much in the activities I am doing and the experiences I am having. Don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers, plan now!
      Thanks for reading my blogs, you are the best. More to follow!
      Love you,

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