Posted by: gayleconnell | April 15, 2010

What is Your “WHY” For Doing Your Business?

Do you know your “WHY” for doing your business? We have all heard that our “Why” should make us cry. Does your “why” make you cry, does it make others cry?

I often struggle with my “WHY” , what is my passion for doing my card business? I often listen to others talk about what brought them  to their business and how they got started, what their passion for “working the business”  is and I feel lost. I began my business when my mother passed away because I kept receiving many heartfelt sympathy cards from so many people. As I began to write my “Thank You” cards, I thought, “Why don’t I give them a try and see what this is all about.” I haven’t stopped sending cards yet.

I traveled to Long Beach, CA a few months ago and had the opportunity to visit with friends.  I had not seen most of them in a year or more  so there was much catching up to be done. Several people came and gave me hugs and it was wonderful to be surrounded by familiar faces and long time friends. My former Minister, Rev. Mary Ellen Kilsby, came up and gave me big hug and told me how my many cards/”hugs”, had helped her through some difficult times. She lost her husband a year ago and I sent cards just to let her know that I was thinking of her. I was happy they had meant so much to her.

In honesty, I am not sure if this is my “WHY” for doing my business, but I do know that each time I send a card, I touch someone’s life. I know that through sending cards I have been able to improve relationships, maintain customers and bring smiles when hearts are aching. 

The Power of the Heartfelt Card



  1. Over the years I have sent out hundreds of “store bought” cards for many occasions, but only since using Send Out Cards, where I can write my own personal message, have I received so many calls & emails thanking me for sending a card! Typically, when we send cards, we never hear back or even know if it was received. But by being able to express my OWN thoughts, especially in cases of loss, the people to whom I have sent these cards know that I am thinking of them and care for them.
    While my using Send Out Cards really has nothing to do with my “business,” it has a LOT to do with the business of caring about people in my life.

    • Hey, Julie,
      Thanks for your comments here. I love when people understand the value of the heartfelt card and YOU get it! Glad you use SOC and enjoy them, I know you make a difference in many people’s lives!

  2. Gayle – I appreciated your honesty in this – I, too, have not been able to clearly identify my “why.” Wonder if that’s what is stopping me. Hmmm – food for thought.

    • Hi Margaret, that is a good question. I think that it hangs a lot of people up and perhaps if you look at your “why” you will find it becoming more clear to you. I hope so because you have a great deal to offer people. Don’t Stop Yourself!

  3. Gayle my love I am so uninformed about what a blog is supposed to accomplish. But this is so informative and I hope it does the trick. I know you are such a hard worker that you will be successful. Love you, Annie

    • Hi Annie, sorry it took me this long to respond to you! I hope all is going well. Happy New Year my friend!

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