Posted by: gayleconnell | October 27, 2009

Got Your Holiday Mailing List Ready to Go?

We are heading into November and it is time to start preparing those mailing lists for your holiday cards. No not the e-card, those are cute, but what do they feel like in your hands? Oh, that’s right, you read and delete the e-cards, sorry, it is quickly forgotten.

Think about the feel of a nice paper greeting card, one with beautiful colors jumping off the page that is especially designed with YOU in mind. A greeting card which is as easy to write as an e-card but conveys so much more thought and consideration. With SendOutCards, you have the largest card store at your fingertips with over 15,000 cards to choose from for any occasion.

  TurkeyThanksgiving is a perfect time to express your appreciation to loyal customers and suppliers, as well as your valuable employees.

Sending Holiday cards is one of the best ways to promote your business and stay in contact with those people who are valuable to your success. SendOutCards has the perfect holiday card for you and your business or with Picture Plus you can design your own card to reflect your brand.

Why wait for the typical Winter Holidays–send a New Years card to wish someone continued success and prosperity in the coming year.

What about your friends, customers and prospects who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other unique cultural holidays? SendOutCards has a card for every occasion. Kwanzaa

So why wait? Write your list, check it twice, write your heartfelt message and click Send. SendOutCards will print it, stuff it, stamp it, and mail it for you.

Don’t be surprised when one of your cards pops up in conversation,  is pulled out of a briefcase, or is spotted on a desk,  because it will always stand out and you will always be remembered for sending it.


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